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The Detox Program

The Detox Program consists of introducing information on substance abuse in a group setting on a daily basis. Factual information is presented through videos and group lectures. Group lectures are designed to assist the client to understand the process of addictions, first steps into recovery and preparation for treatment.

Clients have access to a Case Manager for one-on-ones, referral to further treatment or discussion on any issues they may have. Clients are assisted with discharge planning, relapse prevention and support resources.

Group Sessions attended by clients at Foothills Centre have three main objectives:

  1. Create an understanding of the disease of addiction.
  2. Provide clients with a sense of direction, including available resources outside of detox.
  3. Increase self awareness, esteem, worth and spirituality.

Other Services

Short term relapse prevention is offered to those feeling at risk. This service is for people who have had some length of sobriety or non use but are feeling vulnerable to relapse. Usually a two to three day stay is enough to help a person refocus on their recovery. Individuals may also utilize our services for a mandatory 5 day stay before attending a residential treatment program.

Support services are available on an out-patient basis, past clients or community members may attend group lectures upon request. We also provide, by appointment, support and information to family members going through a crisis within their family unit.

12 Step Schedule Meeting
  • Tuesday – AA 8 pm
  • Thursday – AA 8 pm
  • Friday – AA 8 pm
  • Saturday – CA 8 pm
  • Sunday – AA 8 pm


I just want to tell all the staff here – Thank you for everything, especially for making my recovery continue all the more easier. You Guys Rock!


Wonderful Staff. Felt very supported and looked after. Thank You For The Help!!


Gave me info on getting better and the environment was friendly


I think all the staff and programs are fantastic. This place is #1 for any one who is wanting help.


“Good food, good people, a safe place to be.”


“Great staff, they treat you with respect.”


“It has been a firm reminder of why I am sober today. Thank you & many blessings to all the staff.”


“The staff here went way over the limit to help me, without that I don’t think I could have done it.”


“I was very nervous coming here but staff was great!”


“Staff were great, helped me get into further treatment.”


“Staff is very helpful & understanding.”


“The morning & afternoon [group] programs are very informative.”


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